If you would like to support our hike…

Since entering the sponsorship contest and receiving 2nd place, some have asked us where they could contribute some small financial support  on our endeavor. We were very touched by this but a little hesitant. Because we were not hiking for a cause but for personal reasons, we felt awkward asking for money. However, as this demand is getting more popular, we’ve decided we should just let our friends, family, etc help us if they would like. One very nice supporter during our contest stated: “In the end the purpose of raising money for a cause is because A. the person donating sees the value in it and B. the person/people receiving the money are being given a chance to succeed.”

Kenny and I have been saving up money for the adventure and trying to plan our money carefully. However, there is always risk. What if one of us gets sick and we have to worry about medical bills? What if a minor injury requires us to rest in a town (which can be expensive) longer than expected? What if we need to replace broken gear? We would really hate to quit our hike because of financial reasons. We don’t want any one to feel obligated to send money. In fact, support can be given simply by sending an encouraging email. But if you feel included to support us monetarily and improve our chance of success, we will gladly and gratefully accept it. All monetary support will go to meals, town stays, gear repair, resupply, or an emergency fund.

Click the button to be redirected to a paypal monetary contribution page:
The button is also located on the right sidebar.

We will show our appreciation of your support by sending a postcard of our favorite view once we have completed our hike. We are not asking for any money and if you would like to know other ways to support us, head to the “how can I help?” page.


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